About Us

Volunteer Work in Nepal- Alliance Nepal

Alliance Nepal is a non-profitable organization for the volunteer work in Nepal established by young and energetic Nepalese volunteers, energetically working in education, environment, health and sanitation sector in different rural areas of Nepal. We enable volunteers to forge links with school children, youth groups and communities. We believe that this cultural exchange is invaluable for empowering our rural communities and for strengthening the bonds of understanding across the globe.

The main focus of Alliance Nepal’s work is to raise educational awareness and enhance the lives of villagers by improving the education development within the community. A key aspect of this is through working towards setting up a Learning Center from the volunteer and cultural program fees. The Learning Center will provide villagers with the opportunity to learn computer skills, dressmaking, and other income generating activities whilst acting as an information resource center.

Over the last 2 years Alliance Nepal we are delivering the best volunteer work in Nepal and has been successfully working towards the goal of education enhancement within different villages in Nepal. Alliance Nepal will continue working as a catalyst of social and economic change in a number of surrounding villages in the Pokhara area.

We are proud of:

  • Based on Nepal.
  • Female coordinator, experience and friendly staff
  • Our own Orphanage
  • Own rented flat with WiFi for volunteers to stay in Pokhara.
  • Own community projects.

Why choose to volunteer with Alliance Nepal?

  • 100% of your program fee is kept within Nepal with no money being spent on admin costs abroad; therefore, your contribution is helping Nepalese people and the development of the Nepalese economy.
  • We are a grassroots and ethical organization working towards community development and income generation through volunteer and cultural exchange programs.
  • As a volunteer or as part of the cultural exchange program you will receive language classes to enhance your integration into the local community.

Promising and best organization for the volunteer work in Nepal.