Program Detail

Pick up and Orientation

If you are arriving to Kathmandu by air then you will be picked up from the airport, alternatively if you are arriving overland you will be picked up from the bus station. You will spend one night in Kathmandu where you will meet with a member of Alliance Nepal staff who will brief you on code of conduct whilst volunteering or taking part in the cultural home stay. They will also discuss with you your volunteer project and placement. The following day you will travel to the lakeside city of Pokhara where you will continue with your pre placement orientation.

Your orientation will include;

  • 1 day of sightseeing
  • 2 language lessons
  • 1 cultural lesson

Volunteer Weeks

When volunteers initially arrive they will spend their first 2-3 days doing orientation, taking the city tour and generally getting accustomed to volunteer life in Alliance Nepal before they start volunteer work on depending on your   duration.On the first day of the volunteering placement, the volunteers will be escorted to the project by local staff and introduced to the staff at the project you will be working with. The volunteer joins with the local staff. You will be given a duty roster and a plan for your work. There is usually a tea break and a lunch break. Work and hours is dependent on the project and location that the volunteer is participating in.


Accommodation will be very basic as Nepal is a poor country that is developing slowly.If taking part in a home stay in the ruler part of nepal you will have a room within the family home; depending on the number of volunteers this may be shared. Most of the houses have electricity and they will either use solar power or candles. Houses will generally have an outside toilet, with no shower, so you will have to shower outside.

If staying in a Pokhara city for the duration your volunteer placement then you will be in a comfortable room with comfortable toilet .


Every volunteer is different and everybody has different expectations from their volunteer placement. Therefore Alliance Nepal has different program and placements who are flexible and can help tailor volunteering placements for each specific volunteer. Some volunteers may want to work huge hours at their project while others may only want to spend a few hours each day working. Some volunteers may want to work in rural areas, others the city and some may even want a combination of the two. Our organization will work with you and do their   utmost to ensure your volunteer experience is what you want, not simply what you are given.Alliance Nepal you will have support 24/7 until the day you  start your volunteer project. During your volunteer placement you will always have support close at hand through our local team of experienced staff in Alliance Nepal, while Alliance Nepal will be in regular contact to ensure your volunteer experience is everything you expect it to be.Traveling to a different country and experiencing a different culture can be a scary experience at the best of times, but when you are immersing yourself right into the culture through volunteering and living amongst the local community, this apprehension can often be compounded. While safety can never be totally guaranteed wherever we are in the world, Alliance Nepal do all they can to ensure your volunteering project is as safe as humanly possible. You are placed in trustworthy institutions and reliable accommodation situations all of which have been inspected and experienced by Alliance Nepal directors.


Volunteers on Alliance Nepal programs often form lifelong friendships with their host families and the people they assist on the volunteer programs. However they also form strong bonds with the other volunteers they meet, work and live with on their placements. Despite many volunteers coming from extremely dissimilar backgrounds, the experiences that these volunteers share forge strong ties that can last a life time in spite of their vastly different home cultures.


During the weekend, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax or take the opportunity to explore other parts of their local town,  Pokhara  City and Alliance Nepal.Long weekends can be taken to travel further a field and engage in tourist activities such as trekking, Alliance Nepalese history tours and visits to temples.

If volunteers wish to volunteer over the weekends  they can join local teams and spend time simply playing with and entertaining the children.


During your orientation in Pokhara there will be a wide range of restaurants to choose from; including choice of Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Italian and many more. During the length of your placement you will be provided with traditional Nepali food; Daal (lentil soup) Bhat (rice) with vegetable and occasionally eggs or meat if you are not vegetarian. If the family has buffalos or cows then you may also get non-pasteurized milk. Daal Bhat is eaten twice a day; in the morning at 8.30pm and in the evening around 7.30pm. In the afternoon you will be provided with a snack such as puffed corn, beaten rice, noodles or other.


Volunteering is a valuable experience in which both you and your hosts will benefit through cultural exchange and learning from one another. There is also the opportunity to explore Nepal further like trekking, jungle saphari and see the stunning and diverse landscape that makes up this unique country.To accommodate this our in-country Alliance Nepal have contacts that allow you to ‘escape’ from the rigors of day to day volunteer work, to spend a weekend or extended break, experiencing more of the country you are working in. Often the prices for these tours and trips are much better than you’ll find anywhere else in that country as the trips are discounted for volunteers.